Installation and commissioning


Our specialist teams support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and wind farm owners to ensure the safe and efficient installation and commissioning of turbines.

Technicians support all the key steps of the process including:

Reception and preparation of turbine parts

  • Collie parts
  • Tower sections
  • Nacelles
  • Drive trains
  • Hubs
  • Blades
  • Switch gears

Installation of turbine parts

  • Tower sections lifting
  • Nacelle lifting
  • Mounting of drive trains


  • Electrical tasks such as lights, modules, sensors, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA), etc.
  • Mechanical tasks such as de-icing systems, load flanges, grouting, bolting, etc.
  • Documentation
  • Punch list and handover
  • Waste management

We have a proven track record of delivering full installation teams to remote locations across the world. The specialists we deliver range from site managers and supervisors through to warehouse personnel, Quality, Health, Safety Environment (QHSE), Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC) and commissioning technicians.

Our people

Our installation and commissioning teams are highly experienced and typically qualified to an industry standard in mechanical or electrical fitting. As standard, they are also trained in:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) or local legal equivalent
  • Safety Introduction for Technicians (SIT)
  • Electrical safety / Lockout level 2
  • OEM specific installation training
  • OEM specific installation of lifts, ladders and rails

Typically, we supply the following installation personnel:

  • Installation managers, Supervisors, and Turbine Field Advisors (TFA)
  • Installation core teams
  • Support teams
  • HSE / quality personnel

For installation scopes we also have experience providing additional hire equipment, site services and materials for the movement of parts on site including rigging equipment, plant hire, welfare, cleaning facilities and painting facilities.

We also provide additional installation services for our clients including commissioning and testing services, lifting support services, and warehouse management (QA/QC).


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